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You’ve got a brick-and-mortar business or office in Los Angeles area. Chances are you have a Website, too. You may even be advertising Online. Still, the Internet doesn’t bring customers to your doorstep.

Internet and advertising Online are great. The problem? Internet is HUGE, nation and worldwide. As much as the idea of promoting your business to the world might be appealing, when it comes to advertising a LOCAL business, the narrower the focus of the advertising provider, the greater the benefits to you. Translation? If you want to reach L.A. consumers advertise on Los Angeles Business Directory!

Stories of Los Angeles advertisers spending upward of $100.00 A DAY and getting replies from Wisconsin abound. Responses from Wisconsin – and any other State, for that matter – are very flattering, BUT they don’t translate into paying customers.

When it comes to advertising ROI, smaller and local is BETTER. Anything L.A. Magazine’s Los Angeles Business Directory has Los Angeles area visitors – L.A. consumers! – who are in the market for your services or products. You won’t waste your advertising dollars attracting unlikely (out of State or out of Country) prospects.



The readers of Anything L.A. Liberal Magazine are LOCAL, from the Greater Los Angeles area. The majority is college educated, middle-class, from 25-65 years of age. With an average income of approximately $80,000 a year.

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