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Vrej Pastry: Middle Eastern Pastries And Special Occasion Cakes

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Vrej Pastry dazzles with lavish Middle Eastern Pastries, Middle Eastern Cakes, Middle Eastern Cookies, Artistic Special Occasion Cakes and Themed Arrangements for Special Occasions since 1994.

Vrej Pastry’s delicious Middle Eastern pastries, cakes and cookies gained such a large following that by 2007 Vrej Pastry was voted one of the top 10 Armenian bakeries of Southern California as reported by Los Angeles Times. With growth came expansion and today there is a Vrej Pastry in Pasadena, Vrej Pastry in Glendora and Vrej Pastry in Granada Hills!

Vrej Pastry’s Middle Eastern pastries, cakes and cookies are true to traditional recipes and lovingly prepared from scratch with best quality ingredients. They are as flavorful and luxurious as they are beautiful. The rich selection includes a variety of Baklava, Maamools and Karabij, Gourabieh, Nammoura, Moushabbak, Barazek, Shamiyat, Marzipan, and a lot more!

Middle Eastern pastries are a treat and the favorite of many people with a “sweet tooth”. The pastries are famous for being not only sweet but having rich variety of textures. Take Baklava for instance, Baklava is a crunchy pastry made of layers of a sweet phyllo (filo) dough, filled with chopped nuts and drizzled with a sweet syrup or honey. Kunafeh (also known as Knafeh) is a Middle Eastern take on a cheesecake: it is sweet, creamy and crunchy… Customers rave about Vrej Pastry’s decadent Middle Eastern, Lebanese and Armenian delicacies!

Vrej Pastry’s pastries, cakes and cookies – their selection includes also mainstream favorites such as napoleon, éclair, German chocolate, etc. – make any gathering sweeter.

If you are getting ready for a Special Occasion such as a birthday, wedding, a new baby, graduation or another significant celebration, Vrej Pastry’s special occasion cakes are as delicious as their pastries. The artistic designs of their special occasion cakes will have you enchanted and your guests (or gift recipients) impressed.

Vrej Pastry's Artistic Special Occasion Cakes

Vrej Pastry’s Artistic Special Occasion Cakes

Visit Vrej Pastry’s location near you or call to place an order for artistic special occasion cakes!

Vrej Pastry
1074 N Allen Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91104
Phone: (626) 797-2331

Vrej Pastry
11148 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 366-2526

Vrej Pastry
1791 E Rte 66
Glendora, CA 91740
Phone: (626) 914-1940




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